Common Building Security Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Building Security


Have you ever thought of how secure you are in your building with four walls and a door? Or have you thought about the common Building Security that impacts your protection? We came to hear about the loss and damages arising on an everyday basis due to security lapse or because of no security at all. The terrifying 2001 terrorists attack World trade center, New York and taking the recent bombing massacre at Boston Marathon. These are some incidents that demonstrate that it’s high time we better find to protect occupants, employees, residents, assets and other necessary belongings from criminals, vandals, terrorists, or an aggrieved employee.

In the world of revolution and evolution ensuring the security of your place should be the elementary mission. Even if we take care of all the imperative security measures there are some loop holes that might be left out and prove to be fatal in future. Here we are with some very common Building Security you could make but you should not make during fortification of security in your building.

1. Absence Of Key Card Acess  At Entry and Exit


A card access should be installed at the entrance and exit as well as at other appropriate doors which will ensure adequate entry and exit.  Issue access control badges, Identity cards with recent photographs to all employees and authorized persons. Whether it is an occupational or residential building, there are some vital components that will control access to the building.It is one of the most Building Security mistakes that people do

Make it a mandatory move irrespective of any Superior dominations. You can enhance the accessing process like dual-authentication reader according to the necessity and confidentiality of your building.

2. Not Keeping An Eye On Surveillance Camera


Those building which has multiple floors, rooms, and entrances. Such buildings should be tracked with a surveillance camera, CCTV (Closed-Current Television). That not only keeps an eye on behavior but also detects any malpractices in the building. Keep upgrading the cameras and the monitoring devices. Appoint security personnel for a regular check on the occurrence and for the maintenance of cameras.

These should not be installed for the sake of it but you should realize it’s worthiness and jotting down the consequences that will mount up in its absence.

3. Crisis Of Communication Failure


The Proper communication channel between the security personnel and the occupants of the building should be installed. As sometimes it becomes a huge pain for the system’s ability to make decisions and communicate with each other. The amalgamation of various security systems into a single operating level allows better command and control for the operators, which would definitely result in huge savings in operational costs to a building owner. Involve intercoms, telephones, alarms or other concealed communication.

Always have a backup communication system, like a two-way radio, in the case of phone failure.

4. More Importance To Portrayal Than Caliber


Taking security measures are a pivotal function and not a process to experiment your creative side. Prioritize the essentiality of it and not on how good or bad it will look on the certain part of your building. People these days are very keen to expose and extravagate the facilities they have. But trust me this is not the right place for your temptations. Install all the required systems without bothering how oddly it will be displayed.

After all, without the help of these, you won’t be able to gloat over your amenities.

5. Trapping Yourself In Your Own Building Security System


That’s the most common and yet the most irrelevant blooper one can fall into, which sometimes might turn severe and cause you a bulge of losses. Never install security systems which are complicated and unnecessary at the same time. If you are not having precise knowledge about these things then you should take advice from the professionals before drowning yourself into such critical blunders. Understand your requirements and then wisely invest it.

Moreover, try not to become a bait for your security system.

So, these were some common building security mistakes that most people trapped into. Now that you know what they are trying not get caught in them


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